about altypic

As consumers, we are looking for an ever more personalized service and we want to have choice in our travel options.

ALTYPIC offers a local service, allowing the client to create a tailor-made trip with the help of different services and thus enabling them to experience turnkey adventures in the heart of nature.

have an authentic experience.

ALTYPIC is above all your comfort and the search for your well-being thanks to tailor-made services offering you a unique experience in an idyllic setting.

Promote the local economy.

Switzerland is full of Alpine treasures, including the famous abandoned mayens, which are part of the Swiss heritage. ALTYPIC offers a restored, functional and accessible place.

encourage travellers to visit Switzerland.

ALTYPIC wishes to support local traders, producers and restaurateurs. Its aim is to awaken the taste buds its guests, to enrich them with the history and culture of the place and to help them discover the wonders of local tourism.

About us

Jessica Bayard, the young founder of the ALTYPIC project, has decided in 2021 to try a new adventure. Due to her state of health and the particular economic climate surrounding the Covid-19 crisis, Jessica was forced to abandon her language travel project.

Far from discouraging her, this land and mountains lover felt the need to share her simple pleasures of life; to be at altitude, in the heart of nature as part of a typical Swiss place. Her desire to live exceptional moments encouraged her to offer a unique experience in the heart of the Alps.

"The creation of this project is for me an obvious choice, a logical continuation of my life path. I can't wait to make you experience all these emotions and memories that will follow you throughout your life".